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Tying identity to airdrops means real people receive drops, not bots.

Secure, decentralized ID for all.

Developer? Contact us for early access.
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How It Works
How It Works

Safe for recipients, easy for developers.


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Airdrop developers use GlobaliD to verify wallets belong to real people. First, recipients claim their Self-Sovereign Identity through the developer’s custom signup link. 🔗


Securely Verify your Identity

Developers ask recipients to prove their personhood before the drop. Through the signup link, recipients verify their identity. GlobaliD never sees ID info, everything is encrypted and decentralized. 🔒


Add a Wallet & Get The Drop

Last but not least, recipients provide their wallet address. Now airdrop developers can instantly verify identities and send the drop. This eliminates bots and means larger airdrops for real people. 💰

Are you a developer?<br><a href="">Contact us</a> for early access.Are you a developer?<br><a href="">Contact us</a> for early access.Are you a developer?<br><a href="">Contact us</a> for early access.

Are you a developer?
Contact us for early access.

Get the most out of your airdrops with easy to use identity verification.

Create a Trusted Airdrop

Free Tools for Developers to Bring Trust to Crypto

Developers with early access can create a trusted airdrop with their own signup link. Today, we have a suite of APIs and tools you can use to build your own verification flow as well as some deeper integrations with XRP ledger and XUMM wallet. Soon, we hope to be fully interoperable with any ledger and any wallet.

If you have questions or want to build something custom, contact us.

Create a Trusted Airdrop
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Airdrops Are Just The Beginning

We’ve built a future where people control every aspect of their online identity.

GlobaliD believes all people have the right to a private and secure digital identity. Over four-hundred thousand people use GlobaliD’s platform everyday to communicate and transact safely.

Chat & Video CallingChat & Video CallingFree end-to-end encrypted chat and video calling for everyone. Your identity and your communication are private.
GroupsGroupsCreate your own private or public groups with verified people and no ads. It might be where you announce your next airdrop.
PaymentsPaymentsInstantly pay people directly in chat or via your linked wallet with crypto or fiat. Identity + Payments = Peace of Mind.

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