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Security for you & your customers

globaliD's privacy and security solutions help you protect your customers and win their trust--without compromising experience.

globaliD for your enterprise

Our platform delivers a convenient onboarding and single sign-on experience, while empowering users to build digital reputations and to maintain consent-based control over their personal data. Our solutions free our partners from the burden of data storage and security, while providing data integrity and maintaining compliance.

Seamless integration

Quick and convenient integration for new user onboarding and verification allows you to focus on what you do best — building your product.

Verifications ecosystem

A single integration with globaliD provides access to a universe of verification providers.

Comprehensive app suite

From identity management to data security to messaging, globaliD’s full-fledged platform does it all.

Get ahead with privacy

Your users can trust that you are committed to privacy—neither globaliD nor any of our partners can see user data without explicit consent.

Fight spam and fake users

Manage your fraud risk with independently-validated customer data, allowing you to both trust your users and to minimize spam.

Empower customers

Provide users with a level of privacy that ad-powered competitors simply cannot provide.

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