GlobaliD for
verification providers

GlobaliD for verification providers

We build a self-sovereign identity platform that enables everyday action for people and businesses.

Verification Providers

Become a trusted verification provider

Offering identity verification services? Reach a global identity ecosystem of consumers and businesses for a new revenue source.

GlobaliD for verification providers

Leverage existing verification services to expand the suite of services that you offer.

Easy integration

Take advantage of a simple SDK to securely accept submissions and report verification results.

Seamless accessibility

GlobaliD removes the barrier of switching services with a simple configuration update.

Global audience

Reach a global audience of consumers and business partners looking for novel ways to verify users.

Expand your product

Leverage GlobaliD’s ecosystem to reach new markets and new revenue sources or to expand your product offerings.

Intuitive compliance

Comply with the FCRA and other privacy-related regulations by working directly with consumers for explicit consent.

Reduce spam

Minimize false identity submissions and preserve privacy by taking advantage of the GlobaliD platform architecture.