Who we are

Who we are

At GlobaliD, we’re building a universal identity solution that is easy to use, ties users to unique names and transcends borders and institutions.


Our Vision

We build a self-sovereign identity platform that enables everyday action for people and businesses.

What we believe

Identity is the permission to act. At GlobaliD, we believe that your identity is a right and a responsibility. It's the key to unlocking your social and economic potential both in the physical and digital world. In the real world, we have plenty of intuitive systems for achieving this simple goal. Go to the store, pull out your wallet, and you can prove your identity in a myriad of ways. But go online and that's where the problems begin.

Proving your identity online today is burdensome, inefficient and fundamentally insecure.

GlobaliD co-founder and CEO Greg Kidd saw this first hand both as an investor and entrepreneur (initial investor in Twitter and Square, Chief Risk Officer at Ripple) and as a regulator and consultant (senior analyst at the Federal Reserve Board, director at Promontory). Early on, Greg realized that the way we manage our identities is broken, costing trillions of dollars to the world economy while leaving billions of individuals without access to basic services such as a bank account.

At GlobaliD, we have a solution. And that solution is a portable, self-sovereign identity that’s tied to a unique name. An ecosystem of third-party verification providers means that you can get authorized without sharing your private information. It's an identity that you alone own and control. Not some corporation and not the government.

Greg KiddCo-founder, CEO